Saturday, August 12, 2017

Golden Jubilee Celebration Inauguration by the Cardinal

Roots and Wings

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Release of the book,"Classics of Spirituality"

My new book "Classics of Spirituality" was released by the Cardinal by giving a copy of the book to Archbishop Francis Kallarakal.
The book is a collection of the talks that I give on Thomas Merton,Herni Nouwen, St.Augustine etc.In the introduction,I offered my reflections on spirituality as well as my reminiscences about some priests
who have touched me deeply.

Golden Jubilee of Ordination

The Golden jubilee of my ordination was held at St.Michael's Church , Thathampally,Alleppey on Aug.5,17.It was well attended. Although it was a rainy day, the functions were not disturbed.
The mass  was celebrated in the company of the priests from Mt.St.Thomas.Also assisting at the mass were Msgr.Philips Vadekekalam and Fr.Joseph Thommpunkal.
Fr.Kaithaprampil , the Vicar and Fr.Libin , the Asst.Vicar did make all the arrangements and  took care of all the details. All the invited guests were present for the meeting.The Cardinal gave a very beautiful talk which was appreciated by all.Abp.Francis Kallarakal, the former Abp of Verapoly gave reminiscences of his life at the seminary with me. He mentioned that I was their Prefect and guided them.Abp.Perumthottam mentioned my contributions to S.B.College.Bp.Tharayil spoke of his student days at the college when I was the Vice-principal. He mentioned the way I walked to the office from my residence and my talks etc with great appreciation.Dr.Jancy James and Dr.Cyriac Thomas also mentioned the details of their friendship with me.The meeting came to an end around 1.30p.m. and people dispersed for lunch.The priests and sisters were given lunch at my house across the church.
I am full of gratitude to the Lord for having given me the opportunity to celebrate this mass of thanksgiving.but the attention paid to the guests and to the  details connected with the mass took away the joy of silence and a calm praying mode from my mind.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Visit to the US,May,17

Visit to the U.S., May,2017


On July 3rd at 4.30p.m.,Prof.P.C.James breathed his last.What a loss! We lost a very good friend and a dear colleague. The emptiness left by him is unfathomable. He was suffering for the last two years but he never showed that he had any problems at all.
All of his friends miss him very dearly.
" Your love,your humour,your jokes remain with us;
Wherever we go, whomever we meet
your presence will always be palpable.
Years passed; months rolled by 
but we never thought this day day would come.
We thought we could always hear your voice on the other end of the phone line.
Your laughter and your humorous remarks could be heard at any time
We thought we would see you again walking the streets of Kochi
buying or enjoying just the walks.
but now ,your voice is stilled.
Your eyes will never be open.
Your memory lingers on.
But the physical impossibility of shaking your hands or greeting you is frightening.
Goodbye, you are with the Lord.
We have a long way to go.
our sins and our frailties are a big drag on us.
Lord, have mercy on your loving servant, Jameskutty.
Thanks for giving us the opportunity of knowing him.