Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of the Migrants

The Pontifical Council called a meeting of those involved with the Pastoral Care of International students in Rome from Oct.9-12. I am very thankful to the Council for inviting me to attend the Conference.Around 46 delegates were present for the Conference.We had delegates from all continents and nations.
Even though it lasted only for a couple of days, the discussions were intense and all the participants got involved by offering their suggestions. I was present on a panel which dealt with the problems of Asian students who were going out to join foreign Universities.As India was sending the second largest contingent of students to foreign Universities, it is appropriate that  India was represented at the meeting.
The meeting started on Oct.10th with a prayer meeting and the  inaugural speech by Bp.Kalthiparampil.
Right away the group moved into presentations and panel discussions.
I raised the point of making special arrangments for the Catholic students to preserve their faith through the help of parishes surrounding the Universities where the foreign students study.
I had also the opportunity of saying an anniversary mass for Abp.Kavukatt at one of the crypt chapels at St.Peter's Basilica.More than 10 priests from Changnacherry,Kanjirappally,Pala and Thucklay, concelebrated with me.I left immediately after the mass as I had to be present for thePanel discussion at the meeting.I am lucky to have reached the place just five minutes before it was officially beginning to start.
I was very fortunate that I had the help of Santimon Jacob through out my stay in Rome.His presence and assistance made my stay very comfortable and pleasant.
I got also a chance to meet with Cardinal Alencherry  and to have lunchwith him.We took him back to St.Martha's residence where he was staying.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

St.Thomas Cross,Aug.2014

References to St.Thomas Cross are the following;
It is mentioned in the Journada of Antonio Gouvea.
It is seen at St.Thomas Mount,Holy Ghost Church, Muttuchira,St.Mary's Chruch Museum,Alangad,Pilar Seminary,Goa,Sri Lanka Museum at Anuradhapuram, considered to be th eoldest.
Also seen at Taxila,Pakistan and at the Cathedral Church  of Resurrection,Lahore.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Christmas mass was con-celebrated at Mount St.Thomas.Gave the homily at the mass.Spoke about Christmas being the greatest love story of the world: God so loved the world that He sent His  only begotten Son that everyone who believed in him might be saved.
Mentioned Bishop Sheen's words that we become lovable because God has put His love into our hearts.
Emphasized the need to reflect that love.The words of Pope Benedict XVl at Cologne---about the Magi, coming to Bethlehem guided by the star but returning with the star in their hearts.
Later in the morning, went to Josy's house for a family gathering.
I am deeply thankful to God for giving me  this opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Christmas once again  in my life.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Classmates' Gathering,2013

Public Affairs committee Meeting,Dec.19,13

The first meeting of the Committee for Public Affairs will be held on Dec.19th. Invitations are being sent to the members  of the Committee.Hope and pray that the deliberations and discussions will be useful.


Today is the beginning of Advent,2013.The season of Advent is a beautiful  time to reflect on the blessings we have received through the presence of Jesus in our life and to offer love and compassion to  all those who meet us in daily life  in this pilgrimage of life. We often speak of fasts and abstinence during this season of  hope and waiting. Following in the footsteps of Pope Francis, living by the thoughts he gives us daily and especially through the words of  the new Apostolic Letter, the Joy of the Gospel,  we have to use this period of Advent that is just breaking open before us , to reflect the pure graciousness of the Lord who offered peace and happiness to all at his birth.

Classmates' Gathering,2013,Mount St.Thomas

About 27 of the classmates gathered on Nov.19 ,13.A time of great laughter, sharing and praying together.last year the turn out was larger---more than 42 turned up.This time, a few of the priests fell sick or had other unavoidable engagements. Bishop Bosco Puthur is seen with the priests.