Thursday, January 11, 2018

Chaldean Patriarch Saka releasing the book "Classics of Spirituality"

Chaldean Patriarch is releasing my book "Classics of Spirituality" after the mass said in the Chapel at mount St.Thomas.the patriarch said that he would get the book translated into Arabic.he was happy to receive the book .the patriarch came to inaugurate the silver Jubilee of the establishment of the Malabar Church  as an autonomous church.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Pope's talk on Epiphany

Basing on the visit of the Magi, pope Francis in his talk has asked the faithful to do three things;
Look up, go and give gifts.
we have to dream  about and  think of helping people.
We cannot remain where we are.We have to do something.
We have to give our talents  as our gifts.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

My Visit to Chicago

The Alumni meeting at James Olikara's house; Visit to the Mall at Wheaton, at the Church at Wheaton, at the Hancock's tower,Chicago.

Jubilee Celebration at the Mar Thomas Sleeha Cathedral,Chicago

It was a joyful moment for me to return to Chicago to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of my ordination  at the Mar Thoma Sleeha Cathedral.Fr.Vicar Msgr.Palakaparampil was very gracious to invite me for the mass. For me, it was an opportunity to remember the years I was there and to reconnect with the people there. A lot of the old parishioners were present there and I was happy to meet with them after the mass.In my homily, I mentioned the liturgical beauty of the masses celebrated at the Cathedral.The Syro-Malabar masses were celebrated very solemnly and with discipline at the Cathedral.I always felt happy in celebrating the masses there.It was cold but tolerable.
thank you Lord, for giving me the opportunity to say the mass once again.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Classics of Spirituality

This is the work that was published on August 5th at the meeting of my Jubilee at Thathampally.Cardinal Mar George Alencherry released the book by giving a copy to Abp.Francis Kallarakal

Fr.Mathew Mepreth

I am very sad to note that one of my dear friends passed away on Nov.3 at 4.35am and his funeral was held on Nov.4th. His demise is a great loss for me. He had always been a great supporter of mine, very encouraging and affectionate. He  would visit me at the college office and encourage me in my various activities. What a  loss! I don't have any priest-friend as loyal and supportive as he was. He always wanted everything to happen nicely for me. He wanted to be present at my jubilee.Since he was not well, I told him not to exert himself to come for the mass. But he did. He was present there until the end. I praised him in my speech and people clapped to show their appreciation for his presence. How can I tell him that I am missing him so much!O Lord, grant him eternal rest.
Let me remember him always in my life.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Jesus through the Centuries--Pelikan-2

Jesus as the Monk
The Contribution of the monasteries in the middle Ages  
For scholarship as well as for missionary activities
One of the lasting monastic conquests for Christ was the work of medieval missions.The Christinization of the barbarian Germanic,Slavic, and Eurasian  tribes who came into Europe
 was the completely achievement of monks.
the abolition of the monastic orders must certainly be reckoned as a major reason for the total loss of the missionary  imperative  inmost of the Protestantism for more than two centuries.(120)
Dante on Assisi: " a sunrise broke again upon the world'

the small church in assisi known as the Potiuncula-the church of St.mary of the Angels-the first churhc he rstored(134)